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Funky worm

With apologies to the Ohio Players (1):

A CNET News article discusses a worm that now has infected an estimated 3.5 million computers worldwide (Note added January 22, 2009: But see BELOW…) and is now approaching epidemic proportions. The worm is known as Kido, Conficker, or Downadup and initially exploited a critical vulerability (MS08-067), patched in October 2008, in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. (Have you patched yours? :-) And why are you using such old stuff anyway? Actually, I have an even better question….)

Newer variants of the worm now have the ability to spread via removable devices, network shares, and weak administrator passwords.

(Note added January 17, 2009: This worm has now spread to 8 million computers, according to this CNN article. The chief research officer at F-secure stated that there were 2.5 million infected computers on Tuesday, 3.5 million on Wednesday, and 8 million on Friday. I am really glad that the only Windows machine that I own is not on a network. The machine was given to me, and I use it only to update maps in my hand-held GPS unit.)

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