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Got gas? Things are “going south!”

Things in search of cheaper gasoline, that is!

According to today’s AAA Fuel Gauge Report, gas prices are averaging $3.82 per gallon in the U.S. But the same report shows that the average for California is $4.20! (And check out this graph! :-) ) San Diego also averaged $4.20 today.

Why San Diego?

Because motorists are LINING UP at the San Ysidro, California border crossing to go to Mexico to buy gas…. Reuters has reported that a regular gasoline is 34.4 pesos per gallon in Mexico, about $2.94 per gallon! may not have bothered to check the difference between the U.S. average for gasoline and the CALIFORNIA average, :-) (gouge, gouge…) but it makes a “roughly 90-cent difference” per gallon jump to a $1.30 difference, per gallon, in California! Let’s “do the math.” That’s a $13 difference for 10 gallons, a $26 difference for 20 gallons, and a $52 difference for 40 gallons! Hmmmmm!

Mexican gas costs less because the state-owned oil company (HEY! Don’t go giving us IDEAS! :-) ) Petroleos Mexicanos subsidizes the cost. (Of course the U.S. government gives huge subsidies to oil companies…. Why are we paying so much? :-) ) Bringing gas into the U.S. is not illegal and is not subject to duty taxes.

I have switched from driving my four-wheeled Honda Civic to my two-wheeled Honda Shadow Spirit (which gets 50 mpg) every day that it is not not RAINING out here.

I may be MAD, but I’m not CRAZY!

(Note added April 18, 2011: In contrast to gas prices…. :-) Oil drops 2.3%, and gas prices INCREASE!)

-Bill at

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