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Failed CA gun-ban bills are resurrected (as usual)

Keep voting until you get it wrong!

Two controversial gun bills that FAILED in the last legislative session were approved by the California Assembly Public Safety Committee today, along party lines. The first is AB-144, by Assemblyman Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) which would make it a crime to OPENLY carry an UNLOADED handgun in public! The bill lists a number of exemptions, including those for peace officers, military gatherings, gun shows, and hunting. Former :-) Democratic Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña introduced similar legislation (AB-1934) last year, in response to the “open carry movement.”

The second bill approved by the Democrat-controlled (equal time, remember?  :-) ) committee was AB-809, authored by Democratic Assemblyman Mike Feuer, a revival of a previous bill (AB-1810, also by Mike Feuer) that would require gun retailers to report the same information for sales of long guns that they currently report for sales of handguns.

Some people never learn that their PERSONAL views are WAY out-of-step with the legal rights of Americans.

With regard to AB-144, Ed Worley of the National Rifle Association is quoted:

“Show me any instances where there has been a problem where the person carrying the arms openly has been arrested for any reason. They don’t have any.” “It makes people uncomfortable, but that’s the nature of a free society.”

Living in a free society seems to bother a lot of Democrats in the California Legislature. Efforts to restrict the Second Amendment Rights of Californians seem to be in direct opposition to TWO recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the subject (1, 2). Maybe the California Legislature should leave issues related to Constitutional Rights of Americans to the U.S. Supreme Court, where they belong.

Meanwhile, it looks like it is time, once again, for Californians to phone and fax their state representatives!

(Note added April 13, 2011: You may recall my recent article, “Holier than thou, in Sacramento,” which discusses the efforts of firearm-phobic Democratic state legislators to set themselves up as a privileged class to CARRY the demonic :-) machines! Yes, California legislators that would deny OTHERS their Second Amendment Rights providing a means of self-defense want to define their election as a state or federal official as “good cause” for the CONCEALED carrying of a firearm! It seems that EQUALITY is as foreign a concept to these state legislators as is FREEDOM, mentioned above. It struck me this morning that such folks may be predominantly Myers-Briggs _NTJs – people who LIKE laws, but for OTHER people! Their Republican opposition MAY be _STJs – people who like laws and obey them, themselves. Usually, both groups work for the RICH, the top 1% of income earners and the only group that has made any significant financial progress at all since 1980. More about THAT in the next blog….)

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