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LAA Spring Show: a thank-you!

There is a lot going on, but nothing more important than my thank-you to the hardworking volunteers who worked so hard to set up and tear down the Spring Art Show at The Barn in Livermore, California! (Note added April 7, 2011: For those who like everything “spelled out” [and this makes for VERY LONG blog entries], :-) I consider things like receiving art, hanging art, demonstrating art, selling in the salesroom, creating the data base, creating and printing the program and posters and cards, and feeding the “troops” ALL part of “setting up!”) Being the president of an organization is MEANINGLESS without the dedicated support and help of the members of such a fine organization as the Livermore Art Association (LAA)!

Without the efforts of the most dedicated members of LAA, events like the Spring Art Show would collapse of their own weight! For events to grow and become even more successful, it will require the infectious spread of the enthusiasm show by those members that are always there when needed. The members who push the organization forward…..

This blog entry is a thank-you to ALL of the LAA members who made the 2011 Spring Art Show a success and a thank-you to the customers who made purchases at the show! The most sincere supporters of the Arts in Livermore are those who “vote” with their dollars and/or their time and art.

Fortunately, there are MANY people like this in the area, and I am proud to know all of them and count them as my friends!

Thank you!

-Bill at

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