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Spring Art Show Day 1: A Success!

Just a brief note tonight, since it has been a very long and pleasurable day!

Today was the first day of the Spring Art Show 2011, the biggest event of the Livermore Art Association’s year! Looking back on the last 24 hours, the show has been a great success so far!

A number of artworks were sold on the main floor, and additional items were sold in the salesroom! I had the pleasure of putting red “SOLD!” stickers on several artworks, personally With others, I got to assist the customers make the purchase, too!

I made a new friend – a very gifted artist who won a City Award, a First place in Drawing and Pastel, and an Honorable Mention in Graphics and Mixed Media, Keihung Chow. If I understand Kei correctly, he was an architecture professor in Hong Kong for a number of years. In any case, I had the pleaasure of announcing his awards, several times, as well as presenting awards to many other artists at the show!

A new system of voting for awards seemed to work very well. I have not heard complaints about the people who won awards, and those of us who did not win awards this year cannot complain about the quality of the artworks that won.

But mostly, all day long, people who visited the art show seemed very happy, and artists who attended the reception, with food, wine, and band, did too! Kids who showed up were often presented with a “scavenger hunt” to find certain subjects in artworks! The whole day was a lot of fun. The food and wine and band were, too! My daughter, her husband, and my granddaughter showed up, and I got to carry and walk my granddaughter through the show. She seemed to like it, too!

My advice to people who come to the show tomorrow, given the pace of sales today, would be to make intended purchases as soon as possible! There are incredible bargains to be had, because regular galleries often take 50 -60% of the sales price as commission.

There is, of course, a HUGE amount of work and coordinated effort involved in putting on this two-day show. The collection of art this year is, I feel, extraordinary!

And the best part, for me, are the smiles that I see on the faces of fellow artists whom I now consider to be friends… many of whom I had the pleasure of congratulating tonight, after I announced their prize!

Everyone else – please come to the barn on Sunday and enjoy the show. I personally spoke with several people who came to the Spring Art Show for the first time and were amazed at the art! I also spoke with folks who have been coming for 30 years!

I hope to see you local folks at the show on Sunday! Come see the show, and be happy!

See you there!

-Bill at

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