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Out like a lamb

The month of March went “out like a lamb” today, with temperatures in the 80s where I live and record temperatures in the 90s (Fahrenheit,  of course) in Southern California. Riverside, CA hit 98 degrees F. Long Beach hit a record 89 degrees, and San Luis Obispo, on the Central Coast, hit a record 88 degrees.

As I write this, at almost 8:30 PM, San Francisco is at 69.3 degrees F!

It must be spring! I saw my first Hells Angel (no apostrophe) of the year today. Hells Angels make it safer for other motorcyclists to ride because NOBODY wants to accidentally hit a Hells Angel! So people are more aware of motorcycles…. :-)

I am nodding off as I write this. This week has been an extended preparation for the Spring Art Show on Saturday and Sunday at The Barn in Livermore, CA. My co-chair for the show, Angela, is as exhausted as I am. The good news is that most of the really big tasks have been completed, so (if we each get some rest), we should begin to enjoy the fruits of all of this labor by so many people!

The great news is that the show is really, really GOOD (oh, and FREE)! Over 100 artists and almost 300 pieces of art on the main floor, alone…!

I hope to see you local folks at The Barn!

-Bill at

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