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Capitola Village cleans up after two flash floods

The dry weather today gave Capitola Village businesses and residents a chance to clean up after a second flash flood on Saturday brought up to 3 feet of water rushing through the beachside community.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we have been drowning in rain out here, so much so that if it doesn’t rain another drop in the Bay Area, we will STILL be over 100% of average for the year, according to meteorologists? :-)

About 3 inches of rain fell within four hours in Capitola on Saturday, which caused a 30-year-old drainpipe under Bay Avenue at Noble Gulch Creek to rupture for a second time in two days. Capitola city officials are working with Granite Constuction to replace the pipe by the end of the week. The 300 feet of new 60-inch pipe is expected to cost up to $1 million.

City Council met in special session today to declare a state of emergency. More than 100 residents and business owners were present to seek help from the city. Paul Horvat of county Emergency Services said that his agency will help Capitola through the process of applying for emergency federal aid.

Mayor Dennis Norton said that Capitola is used to occasional flooding from the ocean during storms, but that the flooding on Saturday was something completely different.

(The City of Capitola Beach Cam is here! Capitola is the oldest resort town on the West Coast.)

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