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That SF style!

Awhile ago, I wrote a blog entry on “Street Fashion photography at The Colony in LA,” an unusual piece, for me. However, bloggers Dyanna Dawson and partner John Tran showcase the hottest looks in San Francisco routinely, on their Web site, a place “by and for” trendsetting San Franciscans.

The CNN story and interview with Dawson is replete with photos that illustrate the “SFstyle.” According to Dawson, they photograph maybe one person in 200 that they encounter, an amazing 0.5%! Actually, if you walk down Market Street in San Francisco and note the attire of the inhabitants, maybe those numbers AREN’T so amazing…. :-)

Dawson explained the origins of the blog to CNN and discusses the San Francisco Style.

John Tran started the blog in 2008, combining some of his favorite things: fashion, photography, writing, and blogging. (Hey! THAT sounds familiar…!) In 2009, he brought Dawson on board, because photography and blogging is a LOT of work! (Hey! THAT sounds familiar, TOO! :-) )

According to Dawson:

“San Francisco tends to be more laid back than a lot of other cities, so most of what we see on the streets — and a lot of the outfits we post on the website — tends to be casual.”

(And I thought it was “just me…!” :-) Actually, for a “non-style-conscious” person [or maybe that’s “style-unconscious” person :-) ], if I HAVE a style, it is probably “Silicon Valley Casual.”)

The weather and the microclimates of San Francisco play crucial roles in San Francisco fashion – all year long! Dawson says that one of the hottest trends in SFstyle right now is animal jewelry, and they offer a dedicated resource page for people who visit San Francisco or who are new to the area.

Take a look!

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