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Android #1 smartphone OS, passes BlackBerry

Google‘s Android operating system (OS) is now the most-used smartphone OS in the United States, running on 31.2% of smartphones here. A study released today by comScore found that Android new user share exceeded that of BlackBerry OS devices, made by Research in Motion (RIMM).

Only 27 short months ago, Android did not exist. On average, Android use has grown by 2 percentage points each month since the beginning of 2010. Android was in fourth place as recently as May 2010, but it overtook Microsoft’s Windows Mobile in June and Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) in November. In January 2011, Android passed the BlackBerry OS, an operating system that had more than a 42% market share of U.S. smartphones a year ago.

According to Google, more than 350,000 Android devices are activated each day. There are more than 170 types of smartphone and tablets that run Android. Google licenses the mobile OS for free, which allows the manufacturers of handsets to focus on the hardware, rather than having to employ software engineers to create the OS as well. Handset manufacturers can load the ready-made OS, and Google also allows them to customize the OS as much as they like, as well! This ability to focus only upon hardware has CUT IN HALF the time it takes for smartphones to go from concept to shelves in stores! This decrease in manufacturers cycle time has been called “Android’s Law.”

According to Gartner, Android still follows Nokia’s Symbian OS worldwide. Nokia has announced that it will drop Symbian and adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS.

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