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This is the WordPress Blog for Cheshire Cat Photo, LLC, which is based in Livermore, CA.

Our Mission: To showcase California through photography

In the second blog entry I stated:

“One of the first questions that crossed my mind, after I decided to blog, was naturally, “What should this blog be?” I formed several conclusions. Firstly, that the blog should contribute something, and not be another waste of bandwidth in cyberspace. Secondly, that the blog should have a positive tone. Some of my friends who shared time with me in high-tech companies in Silicon Valley will read this, and they will probably agree with me that there is already more than enough negativity and whining to go around. The simple things you see *are* all complicated…a point that is sometimes lost on casual observers or middle management. Thirdly, I would like the blog to have a level of maturity. Maturity is not related to age, except that age has given some of us longer to get there. Some of us reach maturity at a young age and some of us *never* do. Fourthly, I hope not to ramble on.”

I would like this Blog to be a place in which comments about photography and California can be discussed. I would also like this Blog to be a place where those of you who want to learn more about California for a visit or trip can come for information (often first-hand) and to see photographic images!

Thanks for visiting Cheshire Cat Photo! Please register and comment.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo 

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